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We are a consulting firm providing business and marketing support services, specialised in creating brands of retail property developers, we transform the image of Polish cities. We remind the public of the city-forming role of retail. We rediscover the meaning of community space in shopping centres. We are co-founder of the Polish Council of Shopping Centres and a member of the International Council of Shopping Centres.


Apart from project teams, we offer our clients services provided by consultants representing specialised departments: strategic, creative, events, social media and modern technologies. In our activities we adhere to the principles of corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and partnership in business based on the win-win philosophy. Our cooperation is based on trust, quality standards and understanding of business.


We engage ourselves in local and supra-regional projects, we assist in various projects phases, from design through construction, lease to management. We look for a unique selling proposition in each project as we believe that "the devil is in the detail".


genius loci

Great concepts and great projects originate from searches for inspirations, single thoughts, concepts, details and particulars. During on-site visits we document the history of the place. This gives rise to concepts of shopping centres reflecting the inherent genius loci.


on-site visits
start report

We define project features and its positioning, determining the potential unique selling proposition of a project based on an analysis of market trends and identification of niches or blank spaces existing in the marketplace. We give key guidelines for marketing, communication and leasing strategy

Grand Opening

Success Factors

We plan various tools that engage customers and help them get into interaction with the centre. Openings are not only confined to a big concert. They also feature numerous sales-oriented programmes, a myriad of minor events and accompanying attractions, inauguration of a loyalty programme, a new website, a Facebook profile or a magazine published in hard copy with references available via smartphones.


action plan

We implement complete marketing programmes based on postopoening strategies. Activities carried out in the sphere of relationships with local communities as well as image-related activities result in strong recognition of a new brand.


Brand Exposition
Public spaces
Convenience Positioning

We prepare new solutions improving visibility and exposure. A centre should be friendly an convenient, therefore we plan elements enhancing its ambience: pergolas, arcades, fountains, plants, benches, sunshades, entrance zones, a food court, a family car park, an area earmarked for events, a relaxation zone, etc. New concepts meet resident needs. Additionally, they widen the range of the centre's impact on its surroundings and improves its accessibility.


Brand Design

Branding fulfils its marketing functions only if it reflects a shopping centre's position and character. The identity should be consistently and coherently reflected in the centre's name, its logo as well as in design. These inspirations must also be found in a compatible information and visual communication system. Modern multimedia and interactive solutions, such as two-sided touch screens with scanners, led advertising displays or interactive directories with changing contents should be planned as forms referring to a centre's logo.

Community Relations

Local Partners
Social Life

The success of a shopping centre today often depends on so-called community capital that is non-commercial relationships with local communities aiming to engage them in cooperation. We succeed in engaging local public, artistic, educational and cultural institutions. Programmes of activities enhancing local patriotism, already in places, envisage cultural and educational actions for residents, support for local institutions, orgnisations and artists including schools, cinemas, theatres, hospitals and for example a zoo. They also include e.g. environmental actions such as e-waste collections, historical or cultural exhibitions. Residents are often very fond of centre's magazine where they can find news, interviews or photographic reports featuring their neighbourhood.



We provide marketing programmes integrating PR, advertising, events and CSR. They feature e.g. educational-creative events for children which result in perception of a centre as a place that teaches and shapes attitudes, going beyond commercial activities. Such programmes stand out with their key elements, such as: setting, actors, costumes, own song etc.

Augmented Reality

Social Media

Customer shopping experience is going to be more and more personal in the future. The challenge is to make customers fall in love with a place. Today's placemaking connects virtual and brick and mortal retail. We use all new technology and marketing solutions: omnichannel communication, augmented reality, social media or mobile apps.